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Fringe Screw™ Fixing Loose Door Hinges in Hotels

Fringe Screw™ in Satin Nickel

Fringe Screw™ in Satin Nickel

The Hotel Maintenance industry is frequently turning to Fringe Screw™ as a reliable and time saving repair for loose door hinge screws. The sheer number of doors and the heavy use they are constantly under makes stripped door hinge screws a common problem in hotels. Fringe Screw™ solves this problem quickly and is therefore a big money saver.

Just remove the stripped hinge screws and replace them with Fringe Screws™. The oversize threads will tighten in the enlarged screw hole while the standard size head sits flush in the hinge. Visit to request a sample or to place an order. Fringe Screw™ is guaranteed to work!