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Loose Doors

Doors hinges in a house become loose for a variety of reasons. The most common cause of loose doors and hinges is stripped door hinge screw holes.  Fringe Screw™ repairs this problem simply, quickly, and completely.  Plus, it is guaranteed to work. Symptoms of loose doors caused by stripped door hinge screw holes include

Sagging Door with hinge pulling away from jamb due to stripped hinge screw holes

Sagging door with an extremely loose door hinge.

  • Binding, Sagging, or Crooked Door
  • Door will not Latch or Stay Opened or Closed
  • Door Wobbles or Hits Floor or Trim
  • Door Hinge Screws Keep Turning and Will Not Tighten
  • Door Hinges are
    • Visibly Loose
    • Separating from Door or Jamb

If you have one or more of these symptoms or already know you have a loose door hinge, continue reading to learn about Fringe Screw™, the best way to fix loose doors!  

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