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What Size Do I Need?

Answer the following questions and then click "Find" for help in selecting which Fringe Screw™ size is best for your application. Normally interior door hinge screws are size #9 and entry door hinge screws are size #10. There are exceptions to this though, especially with entry doors, so if you are unsure on the head size, use the following template.

1. Is your door an Entry door or an Interior door?
Interior (i.e. bedroom, bathroom, etc)
Entry (i.e. front door, back door)

2. Are your stripped screws on the Jamb side or Door side?

3. Is your door hollow core or solid?
Hollow (door is lightweight)
Solid (door is heavy)

4. Have you already tried a longer or larger screw?

5. Do you want to make your Entry door more secure and harder to break into?